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Avoid Buying Stolen Phones with MobiCHECK®

Avoid Buying Stolen devices with MobiCHECK

The market for refurbished smartphones is booming, with many online and high street retailers getting into this rapidly growing industry. It is time to avoid buying stolen devices.

This has led to an increase in demand for second-hand phones from the public, which has unfortunately caused an increase in mobile phone theft and fraud. Criminals know they can steal phones and sell them on quickly to unscrupulous or unaware retailers.

Luckily, MobiCode are leading the fight against mobile phone theft and fraud with MobiCHECK, our due-diligence tool that often instant device information to highlight phones that have been stolen, or reported as lost.


Avoid Buying Stolen Phones with MobiCHECK®


MobiCHECK is the ONLY device look up tool that provides LIVE information. When you use MobiCHECK to check a device’s unique IMEI number, you know you’re getting the most up-to-date information possible from a wide range of sources, including our network of recyclers, law enforcement departments, insurance companies and phone networks.

You’ll know instantly whether the mobile phone you’re checking has been reported as lost, stolen, whether it’s still under finance, if it’s a genuine phone or not, and it’s full trading history – helping you avoid buying stolen devices. With this information you can significantly de-risk your purchasing decisions, protecting your business from the reputational and financial costs of trading stolen devices.


Prevent Criminals from Benefiting from their crimes with MobiCHECK®


Through the use of MobiCHECK and our MobiCHECK SHARE initiative, together we can prevent criminals benefiting from their crimes and protect the pre-owned mobile phone market.

Devices can be hotlisted with MobiCHECK, providing instant alerts when a trading attempt is made with a suspect phone. Knowing where and when a suspect or lost devices is traded in can significantly reduce the window for criminals to benefit financially from their crimes.


MobiCHECK® – Providing Instant Device Due-Diligence


At MobiCode, we’ve been supporting the pre-owned mobile phone industry from over 8 years, helping recyclers and retailers by providing the tools they need to succeed. MobiCHECK and MobiCHECK SHARE are just two of our industry-leading tools that can help your business.

If you would like to avoid buying stolen phones and protect your business’ reputation and financial success, speak with us today to find out how MobiCHECK can help.

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