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The FASTEST Automated Mobile Phone
Testing Tool Available

MobiTEST has been developed to reduce device testing times while improving the quality of device diagnostics. With the capability to create customisable guided workflows that suit the needs of your business and staff, you can increase efficiency, reduce human errors, and ensure consistent diagnostic standards for your operations.

With the fastest guided workflow of its kind, MobiTEST will allow you to thoroughly test the functionality of any handset in under 2 minutes. MobiTEST‘s multiple simultaneous connections streamline diagnostics by leveraging bespoke port configuration memory, enabling efficient processing of multiple devices simultaneously and speeding up the overall workflow.

MobiCode‘s continued commitment to due diligence and data protection is reflected in MobiTEST‘s built-in blocklist and activation lock detection features, offering an extra layer of security for your purchases.

MobiTEST will carry out a variety of tests across the phone, including hardware, connectivity, screen, sound, and sensor tests, and provide custom grading information on the device. Full reporting through MobiCode servers supplies comprehensive documentation for printing device details and custom barcodes for each device.

Why Choose MobiTEST

MobiTEST is a PC-based application that ensures rapid, reliable diagnostics with built-in grading and workflow customisation.

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Rapid Testing

With its guided workflow, MobiTEST can test handsets in under 2 minutes, streamlining the diagnostics process.

Multiple Connections

Connect multiple devices simultaneously or independently, allowing for efficient diagnostics and processing.

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MobiTEST offers a variety of low-cost pricing options, enabling you to choose a tariff that suits your budget.


Built-in blocklist and activation lock detection protect your purchases, ensuring the integrity of each device.

MobiTEST - User App Features

The MobiTEST mobile application helps to drive the diagnostics process, tests include:

  • Hardware Tests
    Test all the physical buttons on
    the device.

  • Screen Tests
    Includes various tests such as LCD,
    touch screen, pixels, and colour.

  • Sound Tests
    Tests internal and external speakers,
    microphones, and headphones.

  • Sensor Tests
    Includes tests for pressure,
    proximity, gyroscope, and
    accelerometer sensors.

  • Connectivity Tests
    Covers testing of USB, WiFi, and
    Bluetooth connections.

  • Custom Grading
    Captures grading information directly
    on the device's screen.

  • Workflow Block
    Displays if any workflow block triggers
    for activation locks and blocklist checks.

  • Print Labels
    Allows users to print custom barcode
    labels during the process.

MobiTEST - PC App Features

  • Simple guided workflow
    Connect a device and follow
    on-screen prompts.

  • Workflow Block
    Detect activation locks
    at the initial detection

  • Integrated Blacklist Check
    checks the blocklist status
    and other datasets.

  • Various User Views
    Options to select simple
    device view or expanded
    device detail view.

  • Uses existing hardware
    Works with existing PC's
    (No expensive additional
    hardware required).

  • Plug and Play
    Begin testing instantly,
    improving efficiency
    and easier training.

  • Retests
    Allows retesting all or
    part of the workflow
    for complete results.

  • Reports
    Print the detailed MobiTEST
    report complete with
    all test results.

MobiTEST Benefits

Increased productivity

MobiTEST streamlines device processing by reducing handling times, improving diagnostics quality, and minimising training through its simple and user-friendly interface.

Reduced Costs

Increase your margin and capacity without raising your overheads.

De-Risk buying decisions

Our proven and extensive due diligence service will prevent costly purchasing errors, and is complemented by identifying FRP / iCloud/ activation lock issues during the diagnostics process.

Compliance & Oversight

Our comprehensive reporting provides complete visibility of all users and locations within your business, allowing management to identify training issues and ensure consistency across all processes.

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Simple User Interface

MobiTEST is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing a straightforward application that simplifies device diagnostics.

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