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Mobile Device Data Erasure

MobiWIPE® is a secure, GDPR-compliant data erasure solution for Android and Apple devices, covering over 95% of recycled smartphones. This easy-to-use software protects organisations handling pre-owned devices from data breaches. Watch our short video below to see how MobiWIPE® speeds up data erasure with features like the “Say Goodbye to Hello” that allows multiple iPhones to be wiped swiftly.

With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), secure data erasure has become the industry standard for recyclers and corporations handling used devices. MobiCode‘s ADISA-approved application, MobiWIPE®, guarantees full GDPR compliance while allowing simultaneous erasure of multiple handsets. Integrated into the MobiCode Reporting Suite, it streamlines your processes, making them more efficient and less time-consuming.

As the most robust and comprehensive data erasure tool available, MobiWIPE® is insured by Hiscox. This ensures that all erasure activities are fully certified and covered, providing peace of mind for your business. To further safeguard your organisation, MobiWIPE® integrates with our account-checking software. During the wipe process, it notifies you of potential FRP/iCloud account issues, reducing risks in your purchasing decisions.

MobiWIPE®’s ADISA-approved certification sets a high standard for data erasure. Unlike a simple factory reset, which can leave personal data recoverable, MobiWIPE® guarantees the complete removal of application data, photos, emails, contact information, and other sensitive information.

MobiWIPE® Benefits

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Protecting Data

MobiWIPE® offers secure, GDPR-compliant, ADISA-approved mobile data erasure. Ensuring devices are completely wiped protects your business from data breaches while giving customers confidence in your data protection processes.

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Electronic Certification

All erasure activities completed via MobiWIPE® are documented in an extensive reporting dashboard, providing a detailed PDF certificate confirming GDPR compliance.

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De-Risk Buying Decisions

Our proven and extensive due diligence service will prevent costly purchasing errors, and is complemented by identifying FRP / iCloud/ activation lock issues during the diagnostics process.

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Compliance & Oversight

Our comprehensive reporting provides complete visibility of all users and locations within your business, allowing management to identify training issues and ensure consistency across all processes.

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Flexible Pricing

We offer a variety of tariffs designed to suit your needs based on your volumes. All plans are PAYG (Pay As You Go), with no monthly or annual commitments or locked-in licenses. We provide options for all types of users, ensuring you find a tariff that works for you. Contact us below to learn more and discuss further options.

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