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Mobile Phone Recycling Solutions

Developed to support Retail and back office mobile phone handset recycling operations. The MobiCode suite of products, MobiCHECK®, MobiTEST and MobiWIPE® provides a comprehensive, modular based solution developed by mobile industry professionals and designed to maximise efficiency.

Inbuilt protection from ‘human/personnel’ error will de-risk your activity with on-demand reporting and intelligence-led alerts providing real-time visibility across all your users.

Why choose us?

Industry Leading

All our solutions and services are market leading products in technology, efficiency and costs allowing us to provide the best tools you will need.


With over 50 years of mobile-related operational experience, we are mobile specialists who can support you throughout your organisation.

All in One

With multiple applications covering a myriad of business requirements, we can provide ALL the tools you need to maximise your stock value.

Full Visibility

Fully auditable online reporting enables management to have full sight of all business activities. This can support many areas including commercial and staff training.

Our experts are on hand to help guide you to the right solution!

Latest Case Studies

MobiCheck software being used to check a mobile device authenticity. Checkmend


MobiCHECK is our LIVE Blacklist checking service to reduce the risks of buying lost or stolen devices and / or devices with activation locks.

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MobiTest being used to test a device functions and authenticity. Checkmend


Part of our Mobi10 PC Application, MobiTEST guides the user on a controlled work flow of automated and interactive tests, quickly diagnosing faulty devices.

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MobiWipe being used to securely wipe and erase data on a mobile device. Checkmend


Securely erased mobile devices, with our certificated data wipe tool. Providing confidence protection to yourselves and your clients.

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Can we have multiple users and application access?

Yes, you can have multiple users in a group which provides access to all our applications and also track user activity.

Can i install application on multiple PC?

Yes, you can install the applications on multiple PC's, you will need to have a set of user credentials per PC, they would not be able to share logins as this reduces the visibility of usage by each user.

Do you have a support team to assist if required?

Yes, our UK-based support team is available to offer direct support to user via our online help desk, and they can also support with application installs.

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