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Avoid Buying Stolen Phones With The Most Comprehensive Checking Tool In The World

MobiCHECK® is an instant due-diligence solution that assures that the phones you purchase are comprehensively checked and suitable for re-use and re-sale. It combines live data from four key sources, including insurance Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Recyclers and Mobile Networks.

We check every device’s IMEI number live against a variety of independent datasets, including the GSMA Global Blacklist Registry, to provide the most up-to-date information possible on the history of a mobile phone, including whether or not it is network blocked, has been reported lost or stolen, is under finance, or has been subject to an insurance claim. Law enforcement, insurance companies, recyclers and well-known high-street retailers trust MobiCHECK®.

MobiCHECK® empowers you to make well-informed buying decisions using the most current data available. Our tool allows you to safeguard your inventory by adding devices to a watchlist, setting up instant alerts, and monitoring an IMEI for 30 days to reduce the risk of post-purchase blocks. You can verify the authenticity of devices before transactions to prevent trading counterfeit mobile phones and access our comprehensive API for seamless integration.

Protect your business’ bottom line with MobiCHECK®. It provides the security and peace of mind you need to operate confidently and efficiently in the mobile device market.

MobiCHECK® Benefits

Instant Blocklist Check

Because we are connected to the GSMA and their Global Device Blacklist Registry, we ensure you receive the most comprehensive data from networks worldwide.

Device Authentication

We validate every IMEI before processing to protect you against trading in counterfeit mobile phones.

Live Data Sharing

Sharing our data with law enforcement, insurers, and fraud prevention agencies improves device crime prevention and has aided many recovery operations.

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Hot Phone Block

As many of our customers are on the high street, we can create instant alerts throughout our network of outlets, massively reducing the window in which stolen devices can be traded.

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Flexible Pricing

We offer a variety of tariffs designed to suit your needs based on your volumes. All plans are PAYG (Pay As You Go), with no monthly or annual commitments or locked-in licenses. We provide options for all types of users, ensuring you find a tariff that works for you. Contact us below to learn more and discuss further options.

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