Lost or Stolen Device Check, reducing mobile related crime & fraud

MobiCHECK® SHARE is our unique data sharing eco-system that works to support the mobile phone industry to reduce mobile related crime and fraud with our comprehensive Lost or Stolen Device Check.

By sharing data securely between Recyclers, Law Enforcement, Insurers, Operators and other key fraud prevention agencies about mobile device status we can reduce the window of opportunity for criminals to benefit from their crimes. Our multiple live data sources offer intelligence in real-time, ensuring you are receiving the most up-to-date lost or stolen device check information possible.

Reducing Fraud With Intelligence

Through the collaborative FREE sharing of data by our members, the MobiCHECK® SHARE Network provides timely and accurate information about a mobile phone based on its unique IMEI number, instantly identifying suspicious devices and closing the window of opportunity for criminals to profit from mobile phone theft. Joining MobiCHECK® SHARE is a way of protecting your company from the risks of device theft and in turn, helping the mobile phone recycling industry as a whole by reducing the number of avenues for suspicious devices to be sold or traded.

Reduce Risk By Sharing Data

The MobiCHECK® SHARE network consists of many companies from many sectors all working together to share data for free. By creating a secure network for data sharing and communications, we are able to support industries with real-time intelligence and information that enables the safe trading of serialised mobile and technology products. We successfully break down the communication barriers between competitive companies and sectors, allowing them to work together to reduce crime.

Fraud Prevention Through Collaboration

It’s not just high street retailers and recyclers that are part of the MobiCHECK® SHARE Network. We also integrate with external data sets including Live Insurance Claims, Network Blacklists and Police Reports. MobiCHECK® SHARE is free to accepted members and provides a web based portal to advise serial numbers of interest LIVE to the SHARE membership. MobiCHECK® SHARE encourages our members to work together to fight crime and fraud in the mobile phone industry.

Benefits of MobiCHECK® SHARE

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Reduce Risk

Sharing data securely within our eco-system helps to reduce your risks of purchasing devices that are lost or stolen

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Instant Blocks

Devices that are lost / stolen from your business can be added to a multitude of alert platforms, including Hot List and Blacklist.

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Prevent Internal Theft

Help to reduce internal shrinkage by monitoring internal stock for unexpected market trading in our platform with our watch list alerts.

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Increase Intelligence

Access exclusive data to help support ongoing police investigations or prevent fraudulent insurance claims.

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Latest Case Studies

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MobiTEST guides the user on a sequence of automated and interactive tests, quickly eliminating defective devices. Ideal for multiple operations.

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MobiWipe being used to securely wipe and erase data on a mobile device. Checkmend


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