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Certified Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure

The MobiCode ecosystem provides an end-to-end turn key solution to any business who operate in consumer electronics secondary market.

Our certified solutions will ensure compliance, de-risk purchases, provide consistent electronic diagnostics, and GDPR-compliant data erasure. With our extended tools supporting repair management, stock management, and a comprehensive reporting suite. The ROI on our products will prove the best decision you could make.

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MobiONE is designed to streamline and enhance device testing. It promotes efficiency with swift testing times and ensures accurate results to protect your business. The simple-to-use interface makes it user-friendly for new and current users alike.

Flexibility is the foundation of our products; MobiONE‘s customisable Smart Alerts and Workflow Blocks build on this, allowing you to tailor processes to your needs and keeping you informed throughout the testing procedure.

MobiONE All-in-one Testing software screens on iPhone 15

MobiCheck Instant mobile phone history check


Our instant device due-diligence and blocklist service, protects you from purchasing devices that are lost / stolen or may have activation locks still active.

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MobiTEST guides the user on a sequence of automated and interactive tests, quickly eliminating defective devices.


Our guided diagnostic software streamlines identifying and eliminating defective inbound devices through a series of automated and interactive tests.

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Securely wipe used devices, with our certificated MobiWIPE®


Securely wipe used devices, with our certificated MobiWIPE® Mobile Data Erasure Tool, providing peace of mind to yourselves and your customers.

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MobiONE is designed to embrace and support the multi-faceted needs of the secondary mobile market. Our comprehensive solutions, including MobiONE, protect your business from human error, reduce operational costs, and drive efficiency at every step of the process.

Our certified solutions ensure compliance, protect against fraud and increase profitability. The ROI from our products will validate your decision, proving to be one of the best investments for your business.

  • Protect your purchases with our device due diligence and live instant lookup services

  • Quickly and efficiently test devices’ cosmetic and functional condition

  • 100% data erasure of devices ensures no customer data remains

  • Reduce crime and fraud by securely sharing information within our SHARE network

Supporting the following industry sectors

Recyclers repairing and refurbishing mobile device. Checkmend Blackbelt Piceasoft. Mobile Diagnostics Test Erasure

Mobile Recyclers Recyclers

A full end-to-end suite of solutions to support the processing of pre-owned devices. Including CHECK®, TEST, WIPE® and UNLOCKING.


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Insurers discussing device fraud claims. Checkmend Blackbelt Piceasoft. Mobile Diagnostics Test Erasure

Mobile Insurers Insurers

With SHARE our unique data sharing solution, you can reduce fraud by checking devices of interest before you process claims.


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Network Provider SIM card. Checkmend Blackbelt Piceasoft. Mobile Diagnostics Test Erasure


Protect your store’s stock by ensuring it’s not traded without authorisation by utilising our simple to use ‘Watch List‘ service.


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Law Enforcement


Reduce mobile related crime by securely sharing data relating to devices of interest, with instant alerts based on activity.


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