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Reducing Mobile Phone Crime

As part of our commitment to due diligence and our mission to reduce and prevent mobile phone crime and fraud, MobiCode has developed various tools to assist police forces and law enforcement agencies in combating mobile phone-related crime.

Law enforcement agencies registered with MobiCode can search the portal to check device histories and aid their investigations. To offer real-time intelligence, we aggregate live data from our data-sharing ecosystem, including the GSMA, insurance companies, retailers, recyclers, and phone networks. This comprehensive data helps support criminal convictions and reduces opportunities for criminals to profit.

By signing up with MobiCode, law enforcement can monitor devices of interest for status changes to support ongoing investigations, validate device make and model accuracy to ensure accurate crime data, receive instant alerts for devices of interest, and instantly hotlist devices. They can also access trading histories across our online and high-street retailer network and securely receive seller information for devices traded via our recycler network.

These services are provided FREE to police officers and law enforcement officials.

The Benefits

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Device Hotlisting

Immediately hotlist devices during crime reporting, reducing the risk of subsequent fraudulent activity.

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Live Intelligence

Access real-time data from our network of phone recyclers, including footprint data and seller details.

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Instant Alerts

Receive instant notifications about devices of interest, enabling investigations to act promptly while potential subjects remain active.

Smartphone App

Check devices against the global blocklist directly from a mobile device to support field investigations.

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Latest Case Studies

MobiCheck software being used to check a mobile device authenticity. Checkmend


Our instant device due-diligence and blocklist service, protects you from purchasing devices that are lost / stolen or may have activation locks still active.

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MobiTest being used to test a device functions and authenticity. Checkmend


Our guided diagnostic software streamlines identifying and eliminating defective inbound devices through a series of automated and interactive tests.

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MobiWipe being used to securely wipe and erase data on a mobile device. Checkmend


Securely wipe used devices, with our certificated MobiWIPE® Mobile Data Erasure Tool, providing peace of mind to yourselves and your customers.

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