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Reducing Mobile Phone Crime

MobiCode have developed a range of tools to help Police Forces and Law Enforcement agencies to prevent and reduce mobile phone related crime. Law Enforcement agencies that sign up to MobiCode can access and search the MobiCode portal to check device history and assist in their investigations. Our multiple live data sources offer intelligence in real-time. Providing data to support a criminal conviction and reduce the opportunity for criminals to profit from their activities.

The Benefits

Device Hotlisting

Instantly hotlist devices at the point of crime report process. Reducing the risk that the device later becomes the subject of fraudulent activity

Live Intelligence

Search and access live data provided by our network of phone recyclers including footprint data and details of the device seller.

Instant Alerts

Received instant notification of devices of interest allowing investigations to follow up in real time whilst possible subjects of interest is active.

Smart Phone App

Instantly check devices against the global blacklist from a mobile device, to support 'in-the-field' investigations.

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Latest Case Studies

Mobi Check


Our MobiCHECK, Instant Device Due-Diligence service protects you from purchasing devices that are Lost / Stolen or may have activation locks still active.

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Mobi Test


Built into Mobi10, MobiTEST guides the user on a sequence of automated and interactive tests, quickly eliminating defective devices in retail and hub operations.

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Mobi Wipe


Securely wipe used devices, with our certificated Mobile Data Erasure Tool, providing piece of mind to yourselves and your customers.

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Can all Police / Law Enforcement have an account?

Yes, if you are from any legitimate police force and have and approved police email address that can be verified then you will be able to sign up for an account.

What does it cost for Police / Law Enforcements to access the platform?

We believe that Police Users should not be charged for accessing the data provided by our clients as its in the best interest of the clients to share this data securely at all times.

Will users see searched by Police Users?

No, searches by Police Users are covert and do not provide a visible footprint to other users. Police Users may wish to contact the data provider themselves, therefore this request would then be visible to that specific data provider.

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Instant Intelligence

Access our comprehensive and exclusive consumer data relating to the mobile recycling market.

Search Facility

Gather new intelligence

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Hotlist Tool

Instantly apply hotlist for victim

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Watch List

Monitor for status changes

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Direct Contacts

Accelerate investigations

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