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Unlocking a mobile device helps significantly increase its stock value compared to phones locked to a specific network, particularly for newer and popular models like Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices. Don’t limit your customers’ options—make your mobile phone stock more appealing by ensuring your devices are unlocked.

MobiUNLOCK is a fast, simple, cost-effective solution that helps you increase margins and sell stock faster. Unlocked devices always sell quicker and for higher prices than locked ones, making MobiUNLOCK an invaluable tool for your business.

Safe, simple, and affordable, MobiUNLOCK requires only a device’s IMEI to generate an unlock code through a secure web-based portal, complete with full audit reporting. Unlocking expands your sales opportunities by removing market restrictions and reducing the number of SKUs your business needs to carry. With a single unlocked SKU, you can cater to all network operators.

Unlocking is as easy as entering a code or connecting to iTunes, depending on the device. MobiUNLOCK supports the latest best-selling devices, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, and Microsoft, and unlocks networks globally—processing multiple unlocking requests simultaneously with total user activity visible on our online dashboard.

MobiUNLOCK offers both ‘code‘ and ‘cable‘ solutions to support all networks. As the official unlocking service for Vodafone networks, MobiCode‘s application simplifies the unlocking process for this network (see here for more details on Vodafone unlocking).

Why Unlock Devices?

Unlocking devices so they work across any network provides numerous benefits:

Increase Sales Opportunities

Unlocking devices makes them accessible to all customers, eliminating market restrictions and broadening your sales potential.

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Cost Effective Solution

Our affordable unlocking solutions offer trusted and reliable services to maximise device value without increasing costs.

Reduce SKUs

Minimise your inventory SKUs by converting locked devices into open-market stock, simplifying your product range.

Safe and Simple

With just the IMEI, our secure code request services via a web-based portal ensure seamless unlocking, with total activity auditing for transparency.

Code Requests

Code requests offer the most straightforward method for unlocking devices.

  • Simple Request
    Submit a request through our
    web-based portal using just the
    device's IMEI.

  • Latest Models
    Unlock the latest best-selling models
    without waiting for software updates.

  • Multi-Brand Support
    Supports all major brands and manufacturers,
    including Apple and Samsung.

  • iCheck Services
    Apple iCheck services verify
    Find My iPhone status and
    network activation.

  • Simple to Unlock
    Enter a code directly depending on
    the device, or connect to iTunes for
    Apple devices.

  • Single or Bulk Request
    Request individual unlocks or submit
    bulk requests via our user-friendly
    web dashboard.

  • Multi-Operator Support
    Unlock devices from most network
    operators worldwide, expanding
    access across networks.

  • Management Reports
    Track user activity and audit logs and
    generate reports using the comprehensive
    online dashboard.

Cable Unlock Tool

  • PC-Based Application
    A secure, easy-to-install Windows
    application accessed securely via a
    username and password.

  • Uses USB Cable
    There is no need for specialised cables;
    connect using the device's standard
    USB cable.

  • Automated Process
    Plug-and-play functionality with clear
    on-screen instructions ensures all staff
    can efficiently process unlocks.

  • On-Screen Instructions
    Choose between a simple device view
    or an expanded detail view for more
    comprehensive information.

  • Get Device Information
    Retrieve valuable device data like
    serial numbers, factory information,
    and hardware specifications directly
    from the handset.

  • Firmware Update
    Fix common software issues such as
    freezing and boot errors by updating

  • FRP Removal
    Securely remove FRP locks on devices
    purchased in error, ensuring seamless

  • Supports Multiple Brands
    Unlock key brands like Samsung, HTC,
    LG, Huawei, and BlackBerry effortlessly.

Benefits of Unlocking

Increased Margin

Unlocking locked stock to open-market variants allows you to steer a higher selling price, as unlocked devices fetch significantly more than locked ones. You'll see a notable profit boost even after factoring in the unlocking cost.

Reduce Product Lines

With numerous product lines in the mobile device market (e.g., make, model, capacity, and colour), removing network lock status for many lines will reduce product SKUs, streamlining internal processes.

Increase Target Market

Expand your potential customer base by freeing devices from network restrictions. No longer limited to one specific customer on a particular network, your devices will appeal to all customers on all networks, increasing your reach and maximising sales opportunities.

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Simple User Interface

MobiUNLOCK is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing a straightforward application that simplifies device unlocking.

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