Official Vodafone Unlocking

Official Vodafone Unlocking

MobiCode Are The Official Vodafone Unlocking Partners

Vodafone Official Network Unlocking Service

The MobiCode Official Vodafone Network Unlocking Service simplifies the unlocking procedure for more efficient processing of your Vodafone-locked devices. With the bulk IMEI upload tool, you can request multiple unlocks simultaneously or process devices individually. Access our management report dashboard to thoroughly audit your unlocking activity, receive real-time assistance from our help desk, and utilise enhanced security features to ensure devices are not blocklisted.

Vodafone Official Network Unlocking via MobiCode is a safe, simple, and cost-effective solution. Using just a device IMEI, our secure web-based portal provides an unlock code and full audit reporting. Unlocking increases your sales opportunities, removes market restrictions, and reduces the number of SKUs required. Why maintain stock SKUs for every network operator when you can offer a single unlocked SKU?

Register for an account to access this streamlined service, which enhances security and control in mobile phone network unlocking. By integrating MobiCode‘s industry-leading due diligence tool, MobiCHECK®, this service ensures thorough verification. Acceptance is subject to status and additional terms & conditions.

Learn how to unlock a Vodafone mobile device here.

Key Features of the Vodafone Unlocking Service

The new official Vodafone network unlock service offers many key features including:

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Increase Efficiency

Simplifying the request process makes it much more controlled and efficient, helping your business unlock devices seamlessly.

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Enhanced Security

Built-in data checks and blocklist verification ensure that only devices meeting security standards are processed for use.

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Simple Upload / Download

Handle high-volume requests easily with a user-friendly upload tool that organises all requests in one intuitive online portal.

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Help Desk and Support

Our UK-based support team provides real-time assistance via a dedicated help desk.

Vodafone Network Unlock Code Request

A straightforward and auditable process for requesting network unlocks directly from Vodafone UK.

  • Simple Request
    Submit a request through our
    web-based portal using just
    the device's IMEI.

  • Latest Models
    Unlock the latest best-selling models
    without waiting for software updates.

  • Official Service
    The only solution officially supported
    by Vodafone UK, ensuring reliability
    and compliance.

  • Faster Service
    Access unlock codes instantly
    for all code-based unlocks,
    providing quicker results.

  • Simple to Unlock
    Enter a code directly depending on
    the device, or connect to iTunes for
    Apple devices.

  • Single or Bulk Request
    Request individual unlocks or submit
    bulk requests via our user-friendly
    web dashboard.

  • Improved Visibility
    Monitor the progress of your unlock requests through our intuitive web portal, simplifying tracking and management.

  • Management Reports
    Track user activity and audit logs and
    generate reports using the
    comprehensive online dashboard.

Enhanced Features

  • Web-Based Application
    An easy-to-use, web-based application
    that allows flexibility without tying you
    to a single PC.

  • Blocklist Check
    Only devices not listed on the blocklist
    are eligible for unlocking, ensuring secure
    and compliant processing.

  • Full Audit Facility
    Access a searchable archive to track
    all your unlocking activity.

  • Simple to Use
    Choose a simple device or expanded
    detail view to suit your needs.

  • Model Validation
    Upload the IMEI to confirm the device's
    make and model instantly.

  • Instant Unlocks
    Instantly receive unlock codes for
    non-Apple devices, if available.

  • Optimised Apple Unlock
    Fast, secure unlocking process tailored
    specifically for Apple devices.

  • Supports Multiple Brands
    Unlock all major brands that are
    locked by Vodafone UK.

Benefits of Vodafone Unlocking

Increased Margin

Unlocking locked stock to open-market variants allows you to steer a higher selling price, as unlocked devices fetch significantly more than locked ones. You'll see a notable profit boost even after factoring in the unlocking cost.

Reduce Product Lines

With numerous product lines in the mobile device market (e.g., make, model, capacity, and colour), removing network lock status for many lines will reduce product SKUs, streamlining internal processes.

Increase Target Market

Expand your potential customer base by freeing devices from network restrictions. No longer limited to one specific customer on a particular network, your devices will appeal to all customers on all networks, increasing your reach and maximising sales opportunities.

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Simple to Use Web-based Portal

Our Vodafone Unlock is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing a straightforward web portal that simplifies device unlocking.

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