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MobiCode provide Vodafone official unlocking service


Welcome to the Official Vodafone Network Unlocking Service for Trade & B2B users, provided in partnership with MobiCode. Trade users can request access to this unlock service by registering for an account here. The service has been developed to streamline the process and add additional security and controls to mobile phone network unlocking, incorporating MobiCode’s market leading device due-diligence service MobiCHECK®.


Acceptance for this service is subject to status and additional terms & conditions

What are the key features of the Vodafone unlocking service?

The new official Vodafone network unlock service offers many key features including:

Increase Efficiency

Making the request process much simpler and controlled allows a much more efficient solution.

Enhanced Security

With built in data checks and Blacklist checks we can ensure devices you process are suitable for use.

Simple Upload / Download

Process in volume with a simple to use upload facility, keeps all your requests in one easy to user online portal.

Help Desk and Support

Our UK based support team will assist you along the way, and our help desk is there to provide real-time support.

Vodafone Network Unlock Code Request

A simple and auditable process for requesting network unlocks direct from Vodafone UK

  • Simple Request
    Easily request unlocks
    with either single
    or multiple IMEI

  • Latest Models
    All the latest best selling models
    supported, with no need to wait for
    software updates.

  • Official Service
    The only solution
    officially supported
    by Vodafone UK.

  • Faster Service
    Instant unlock code
    availability for all code
    based unlocks.

  • Simple to Unlock
    Depending on device you either enter a code or with Apple simply connect to iTunes.

  • Bulk Uploads
    Request bulk unlocks
    via our easy to use
    web-based dashboard.

  • Improved Visibility
    Track the progress of
    your unlocks with
    our simple to navigate
    web portal.

  • Management Reports
    View all user activity in our online
    dashboard including full auditable
    logs and activity reports.

Enhanced Features

  • Web-based Application
    A simple to use web-based application so
    you are not tied to one PC.

  • Blacklist Check
    Only devices that are non blacklisted would
    be sent forward for unlocking.

  • Full Audit Facility
    See all your unlock activity in a searchable

  • Simple to use
    Options to select simple
    device view or expanded
    device detail view.

  • Make / Model Detection
    Upload the IMEI and we will confirm the make and model.

  • Instant Unlocks
    Receive instant unlock codes for non Apple devices if available

  • Optimised Apple Unlock
    Fast and secure process for Apple devices.

  • Supports Multiple Brands
    Support Unlocking of ALL key brands locked by Vodafone UK.

Benefits of Vodafone Unlocking

Increased Margin

Unlocked stock sells at much higher values than locked mobile phones. Increase your profits by registering for MobiCode's Vodafone unlock service and ensure all your used mobile phone stock is available for use on any network

Reduce Product Lines

There are enough product lines in the mobile device market already, with variants like make, model, capacity and colour increasing the number of SKUs in your inventory, Removing lock status for many lines will reduce the amount of product SKU's you have which will help internal processes

Increase Target Market

Open up all devices to all potential customers. Freeing up the device to all networks means you are not restricting where and who you can sell a particular device to

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