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CheckMEND Vs MobiCHECK® – Which Should You Choose?

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When it comes to checking the status of a used mobile phone, you need a comprehensive tool that you can be sure is providing reliable, up to date information. The last thing you want is for your business to unwittingly source used devices that have been reported as lost or stolen. Not only will this damage your business’ valuable reputation as a trustworthy source of used mobile devices, but your operational margins will be significantly affected. Blacklisted or blocked phones cannot be sold on. Our CheckMEND Vs MobiCHECK® comparison on checking tools research may help provide you the answer.

That is why phone check software such as CheckMEND or MobiCHECK are crucial tools for any business operating in the second-hand mobile phone industry.


CheckMend & MobiCHECK® – What They Do


Both CheckMEND and MobiCHECK are similar tools in that they can be used to instantly check the status of any mobile phone device. Using a mobile phone’s unique IMEI number, CheckMEND and MobiCHECK will look-up the device across a range of independent datasets, including law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and retailer and recycler networks.

This provides the user with instant information regarding the status of a phone. Has it been blocked? Has it been lost or stolen? Has it been traded before? Is the phone currently under finance? Is it genuine? With this information, the user can determine whether the device is suitable to purchase or trade in.

For most businesses, software like CheckMEND & MobiCHECK is used to significantly de-risk buying decisions and protect businesses from obtaining used device stock that has been lost or stolen.


CheckMend VS MobiCHECK® – A Comparison


Both CheckMEND and MobiCHECK provide instant reports on the status of a device. Where MobiCHECK differs is that the information provided is LIVE. While other phone check services might provide data that is up to a day old, MobiCHECK data is the most up-to-date possible, providing live information on the status of a device, which will make your purchasing decisions even easier.

MobiCHECK is also linked to the GSMA, providing extra information about the status of a device.




MobiCode are committed to due-diligence and supporting the pre-owned mobile phone industry and have been doing so for over 8 years. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions designed specifically to support the business practices of device recyclers.

Our MobiCHECK SHARE initiative is an additional benefit of using MobiCHECK. Users who opt in to share data through our unique eco-system benefit from access to one of the most comprehensive databases in the world while supporting the mobile phone recycling industry by helping to reduce mobile phone crime and fraud.

For more information about MobiCHECK® or MobiCHECK SHARE®, contact us today.

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