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E-Waste and Phone Recycling

E-waste and phone recycling. Mobile Diagnostics Test and Erasure

E-waste and phone recyling. With the use of consumer electronics on the rise globally, the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) that is produced daily is growing enormously and is fast becoming the most urgent environmental issue we face.


Why E-Waste is Such a Problem


Discarded devices that end up in landfill are contributing to increasing levels of pollution around the world. What’s more, many electronic devices, particularly smartphones and other mobile phones, contain valuable and rare materials. If these end up in landfill, they can be hard to retrieve and recycle, furthering the need for mining, usually in areas that have already seen significant destruction and deforestation.

The recycling of valuable metals and materials in e-waste has become a source of income in developing countries. The amount of gold and copper that is used in mobile phone production makes the harvesting of discarded devices worthwhile in emerging industrialised countries.

Unfortunately, primitive recycling techniques in these countries expose both adult and child workers to a range of hazards. Health risks connected with E-waste recycling include direct contact with harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium and inhalation of toxic fumes, not to mention the risk of injury from unsafe methods of dismantling electrical equipment.


How to Solve the E-Waste Crisis


At MobiCode we firmly believe that re-use is the best form of recycling. That’s why our entire business has been set up to assist and support the mobile phone recycling industry, providing pre-owned mobile phone and smartphones a new lease of life.

By extending the life cycle of used devices through recycling and refurbishment, we can reduce the need to produce new phones.

There are currently more mobile phones active in the world than there are people. If businesses and individuals re-evaluate their buying habits, together we could end our throw-away culture and realise that when it comes to electronics, re-use is the best form of recycling.

MobiCode have been committed to this goal since 2011, to both benefit the planet and reduce the cost of ownership. Additionally, our team have a sense of making a positive difference.

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