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Checks a devices status and history by matching the Serial / MEID / ESN or IMEI number live against our datasets which include mobile networks, Insurance companies, Law enforcement, and other recyclers WORLDWIDE. This will instantly allow a correct purchasing decision to be made as well as verifying the actual make and model

What is MobiCHECK®

MobiCHECK® is a solution to check whether a mobile phone is stolen before you buy or sell it.
Allowing you to trade with confidence.


A Real-Time ‘LIVE’ look up against the GSMA’s Global Device Blacklist Registry and other related datasets, enabling you to make ‘INSTANT’ purchasing decisions.


With data feeds from Law Enforcement, Insurance, Traders, High Recyclers and Operators from around the world


With prices as low as 5p/7c, you no longer have to worry about over-the-top/excessive charges, allowing you to check more devices more often

Hotlist Watch

Optional service to monitor checked devices, giving you piece of mind should the status of the device change

Key MobiCHECK® Features

Our application has many simple to navigate features.

  • Legally compliant
    Ensure your due dilligence checks
    meet legal requirements

  • Reduce your post bar losses
    MobiCHECK® protects your
    recycled stock from network
    barr after purchase

  • De-Risk purchases
    Ensure the devices you purchase
    are valid and in good
    working order

  • Instant Model Verification
    Our comprehensive datasets
    will confirm actual
    Make and Model

  • Avoid Fraud
    Avoid the costs of fraud and
    protect your profits

  • Low Cost
    MobiCHECK® charges from 7p per
    device and offers 85% savings on
    comparable services

  • API Integration
    Volume traders have access to our API
    with integration support

  • A comprehensive device registry
    Our multiple data sources and
    agreements are designed to limit post
    purchase losses for recyclers

Other MobiCHECK® Features

  • Instant Results
    Live results available with the latest
    global information.

  • 122 Networks
    With over 120 networks around the world
    we have the widest span of networks

  • Colour Coded Results
    With results provided with a simple Red /
    Amber and Green status its easy
    to make quick decisions.

  • All Models Supported
    We support ALL the latest
    officially released models

  • PDF Certificate
    Avoid the costs of fraud and
    protect your profits.

  • 44 Countries
    Supporting networks from over 40 countries, giving the most comprehensive data available.

  • Bulk Uploads
    Via PC you can upload and process batches of IMEI and obtain full results once processed.

  • Repeat Checks
    With our MobiCHECK+®
    we will monitor devices
    for 30 days.

MobiCHECK® Benefits

Instant Blacklist Check

Because we are connected to the GSMA and their Global Device Blacklist Registry you can be assured that the data is from all their connected networks from around the world.

Device Authentication

Before we process any checks, we validate whether the IMEI submitted is valid, therefore protecting you further from trading fake mobile phones.

Live Data Sharing

We share data with Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurers, and other Fraud Prevention Organisations to help combat device crime. this has already assisted with a many device recover operations.

Hot Phone Block

Because many of our customers are on the High Street, we can create instant alerts throughout our network of outlets, reducing massively the window where stolen devices can be traded.

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MobiCode's Simple User Interface

Our application is designed to be user friendly and simple to use.

Monthly Tariffs

There are many tariff options available to suit your needs, the more checks you process the lower the cost per check. Please get in-touch for more details.

Getting in touch with us is easy

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