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Mobile Data Erasure Software – What Retailers Should Look For

mobile data erasure software

For companies in need of a Data Erasure solution, it’s important to make the right choice of mobile data erasure software. An ineffective option will fail to provide the basic requirements – a full erasure of a device – and expose your company to a data breach. With a few options for Data Erasure on the market, it can be hard to know what separates the wheat from the chaff. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for:




When it comes to data, you want to know that the people you trust with it understand how to handle it safely. A good mobile data erasure software product will be compliant and accredited by trusted organisations such as ADISA or ISO, so make sure to look for these names when you’re doing your research. It’s also important that you make sure that the provider understands and complies with GDPR best practice. It is likely that you will be considered the ‘Controller’ of the data, which means that any breaches will be your own responsibility – therefore, it’s in your best interests to do your homework and make sure that the data is being processed within the law.


Ease of Use


You’ll be using this software every day, so you want to make sure that’s easy to use and works the way you need it to. Take a look at the way the platform works and give it a test run if you can help it. Make sure that it’s designed well and that you can understand where to find everything you’re looking for. Consider training in future – would it be a lot of work to educate your future employees to use the platform?




Once you know how to use it, make sure it can be used the way you need it to. Check that it can work on all the devices you’d need – some are OS specific. Check out how fast it takes to process one device, or whether you can process more than one at a time. All of this will either make your day go better or slow things down when you need your platform to perform.




Unfortunately, not all data erasure solutions are made equally. Look at the promises made, the reviews online and the information about what’s erased, and don’t settle for anything less than 100%. Anything less could leave data available to be stolen and misused.


Security Measures


Yes, you’re looking for a way to fully erase a device. What you should also be looking for is a way to do that safely – without handling stolen goods or opening yourself up to being responsible for a data breach. That’s why you should also be looking for a product that can offer an additional layer of information and protection if you can. Check on the insurance or guarantees offered; MobiCode supply a certificate of erasure each time as a way to protect their users if an issue were to arise in future. It’s also worth considering an IMEI check to alert you to stolen or lost phones.


Device Testing


If you’re wiping phones, you may be recycling them. In cases like this, it’s industry standard to test to evaluate the device to make sure it works as you expect it to. If this is part of what you’ll need, see if there’s a product that can offer everything you need in one place. Mobi10 offers both device erasure and testing, as well as the IMEI checks in one software.

If you’re looking for a data erasure software that offers security, efficiency and, most importantly, an effective solution, talk to MobiCode. We’ll be able to help you with a product that works for both our customers and the public they serve.

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