Mobile device automated testing tool, MobiONE delivers MobiCHECK®, MobiTEST® and MobiWIPE® in one application

MobiONE has been developed to reduce testing times whilst increasing the quality of your device testing.

Adaptability is one of our core principles. MobiONE can be made to adjust to your native language for ease of use. Simply ensure the device is set to your language of choice and you are all set. The test pages will automatically adjust to ensure a convenient and user-friendly experience, so no matter where your business is based, we have you covered.

MobiONE is currently available in the following languages:

French Italian Spanish
Arabic Portuguese Polish
German Dutch Hindi

Whilst we endeavour to cover as many languages as possible, in the event your language is not supported the application will default to English.
If you would like to see a language translation added that is not currently included, please contact us at to let us know. For translation of our portal and helpdesk, we recommend using your browsers inbuilt translation feature. At this time the PC based application is only available in English.

What does MobiONE achieve?

MobiONE is an ‘all-in-one’ PC-based application that delivers a fast and consistent testing process, with bespoke Workflow Block Rules with Device Checking, Testing, Wiping and Grading built in.

The software will firstly read data from a connected device and apply the Workflow Block Rules.

    Workflow Block Rules:

  • Software can alert during or stop a process from continuing for a number of reasons
  • Examples would include MobiCHECK®, Find My iPhone On, Knox Has Tripped, etc.
  • Workflow Blocks can be simply and quickly enabled and disabled in your settings menu

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Rapid Testing

With the fastest guided workflow of its kind, test handsets in under 2 minutes.

Multiple Connections

Connect multiple devices either simultaneously or independently.

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With various low cost pricing options, you can choose the tariff to suit you.


With built in blacklist and activation lock detection, you can protect your purchases.

MobiONE - User App Features

The MobiONE mobile application helps to drive the testing process, tests include:

  • Hardware Tests
    Test all the physical buttons on
    the device.

  • Screen Tests
    Various tests including LCD,
    touch screen, pixels
    and colour.

  • Sound Tests
    Incorporates internal &
    external speakers,
    mics and headphones.

  • Sensor Tests
    Tests include pressure, proximity,
    gyroscope and accelerometers

  • Connectivity Tests
    Includes testing of USB, Wifi
    and Bluetooth.

  • Custom Grading
    Capture 'subjective'
    grading information
    on screen of device.

  • Workflow Block
    On screen display if workflow
    block triggered for activation
    locks and blacklist check.

  • Print Labels
    Select printer and print
    customised barcode
    labels in process.

MobiONE - PC App Workflow Blocks

With MobiONE we have simplified the on-screen graphics to reflect easily the current status of a connected device - each device connected is now represented by a 'tile' that changes colour depending on the status.
The progress is reflected within the tile with additional colour boxes that report CHECK, TEST and WIPE.
This 'snapshot' is particularly useful to see progress flow as well as any issues that have been identified. Current status and flow are simply represented by colour change of the tiles and elements within the tile reflect the progress.

MobiONE Benefits

Increased productivity

MobiONE will reduce the handling time of testing and increase productivity throughout your process. The guided workflow also minimises training time.

Reduced Costs

Increase your margin and capacity without increasing your overheads.

De-Risk buying decisions

Our proven and extensive due-diligence service will prevent costly purchasing errors and is complemented by identifying FRP / iCloud/ activation lock issues during the testing process.

Compliance & Oversight

Our extensive reporting provides full visibility across all users and locations within your business. This will allow management to identify training issues and ensure consistency across all processes.

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Simple User Interface

The MobiONE application is designed to be user friendly and simple to use.

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