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Reduce Mobile Phone Fraud With MobiCHECK SHARE®

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How to Reduce Mobile Phone Fraud – a huge risk to the insurance industry, with fraudulent claims rising throughout the industry by 27% in 2018 and the Association of British Insurers reported that this cost the UK economy £1.3 billion.



There are opportunities to reduce mobile phone fraud by collaborating with MobiCode, a project started over 7 years ago to create an intelligence sharing platform that will give insurers of mobile devices the ability to challenge fraudulent claims and identify potential high-risk individuals. The sharing of information in our secure ecosystem will help mitigate risk and give a claims handler more resource to effectively and efficiently assess potential fraud at the earliest possible stage using our live look up which draws in data from mobile networks, recyclers, law enforcement and insurers.

MobiCHECK SHARE is MobiCode‘s market leading intelligence sharing platform that allows administrators to effectively challenge deceitful claims and identify high-risk individuals and to challenge mobile device insurance fraud at the point of claim. Our live lookup and alert service draws together live data from law enforcement, insurance, mobile operators and recyclers based on IMEI and Serial numbers.

It’s completely free to join up to the MobiCHECK SHARE initiative. Working together we can help reduce mobile phone fraud.

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