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Mobile Phone Related Fraud – Why you need to join the MobiCHECK® SHARE Network

MobiCHECK SHARE Network from MobiCode

The rising cost of smartphones has led to an increase in mobile phone related fraud and theft. The latest ONS crime figures compiled from the Crime Survey for England and Wales show that over 400,000 mobile phones were reported as stolen in the 12-month period ending March 2017.

So how can a recycler be sure that the devices they’ve acquired haven’t been stolen or reported as lost? MobiCode have worked tirelessly since 2011 to answer this very question.

MobiCHECK SHARE (The Secure High Street And Recycler Exchange) is MobiCode’s market leading collaborative network that joins data-feeds from leading operators, insurers, recyclers and the police together so that they can share mobile device history in real time. MobiCHECK SHARE is also linked with the GSMA on a global scale to further enhance the reduction in mobile device crime and fraud.

Through our due-diligence MobiCHECK SHARE initiative, Mobicode and our collaborative partners are significantly limiting the ability of criminals to profit from mobile phone fraud.


What are the key objectives of MobiCHECK SHARE?


  • To address the increasing cost of criminal activity in device recycling.
  • To encourage collaboration amongst industry peers as part of this mutual protection.
  • To offer additional protection to device recyclers from the cost of internal fraud and theft.


Should your company join MobiCHECK SHARE?


MobiCHECK SHARE is a collaboration of companies involved in the secondary market that seeks to close the window of opportunity to profit from device theft. By providing more timely and accurate data to members via a live lookup and automated alerts, suspicious devices can be identified at point of purchase and refused or seized. Joining is a way of protecting your company from the risks of device theft and this collaborative approach will reduce the avenues for suspicious devices to be sold. In contrast, if your company is not receiving hot list alerts your company may increase its exposure to these devices.

Members are required to sign an information sharing agreement and not to purchase devices reported on the hotlist and agree to work with other members to identify criminals.

Members of MobiCHECK SHARE include high-street retailers such as GAME and CeX, insurance companies and law enforcement.

If you’d like to join the MobiCHECK SHARE Network and join the fight against mobile phone theft and fraud, register your interest here.

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