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Seizing Opportunities in the Recommerce Revolution with MobiCode

Seizing Opportunities in Recommerce with MobiCode


In a recent study, Barclay’s uncovered a transformative shift in the UK’s shopping landscape—the rise of the ‘Re-commerce Economy.’ This emerging market trend, where buying, selling, renting, or pre-owned electronics becomes the new norm, opens up a lucrative opportunity for business owners. MobiCode is stepping in to guide and support you in leveraging these changing consumer attitudes to increase your profit and expand your business operations.

Driving Forces Behind Re-commerce and the Circular Economy

Two primary factors significantly propel the surge in Re-commerce:

Firstly, the Rising Cost of Living has become a key influencer, with 62% of consumers acknowledging that increasing living costs sway their purchasing decisions, steering them towards second-hand goods.

Additionally, Environmental Concerns play a pivotal role, with 43% of consumers prioritising the sustainability aspects of a product when making a purchase.

Generational Trends

Examining generational trends reveals compelling insights

Gen-Z (18-24) is at the forefront of the Re-commerce movement, demonstrating a remarkable 30% inclination towards second-hand shopping, driven by its fashion appeal and uniqueness. Millennials (25-34) significantly contribute. Millennials invest approximately £1.95 billion in second-hand items, constituting over a quarter of the total Re-commerce spending.

Repair and Reuse

Half of the UK population is now actively engaged in repairing and reusing possessions, guided by both cost considerations and sustainability concerns. Commonly repaired items encompass home and garden furnishings and consumer electronic goods. Barclay’s Linda Weston emphasises the vast opportunity for retailers in this evolving market, underlining the need to adapt business models to cater to these changing preferences. This adaptation is crucial as consumers increasingly embrace sustainable practices.

How MobiCode Facilitates Re-commerce Success

Transitioning to solutions, MobiCode plays a pivotal role in facilitating Re-commerce success:

Through our ecosystem of comprehensive diagnostic and data erasure tools, MobiCode streamlines the process of Reselling Used Products in the second-hand consumer electronic industry. These tools not only simplify the assessment, refurbishment, and resale of used electronic devices but also ensure they meet stringent quality standards for a second life. This approach effectively attracts eco-conscious consumers, fostering a circular economy—a choice that proves both profitable and environmentally responsible for businesses looking to expand their market reach and impact.

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