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What It Means To Be ADISA Approved

Mobicode is proud to be an ADISA approved organisation. The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) are a body dedicated to upholding a high standard in the practice of ICT disposal. They provide an industry accreditation to companies that provide IT Asset Disposal Services and data sanitisation products, such as Mobicode.


What is ADISA?

The ADISA seal of approval is an accolade that is not held by many due to the strict requirements that they set. The Mobicode range of products were built on the basis of the best practices for data security. We’re dedicated to being the best on the market, with an ongoing commitment to improving and adapting what we do to the latest technological requirements. Many products on the market don’t fulfil the claims that they make, putting consumer data at risk.

The consequences of a poorly regulated data erasure software can be catastrophic to businesses and consumers alike. From financial and intellectual property theft to fines and reputation loss, it is the responsibility of software developers and resellers alike to ensure that their data erasure and handling practices are not putting their users at risk. This is done by consistently striving for a software platform that can protect against every known risk. The ADISA certification we’ve received proves that MobiWIPE by MobiCode meets this specification.


Our MobiWIPE Data Erasure Tool is ADISA-Approved

The ADISA Certification requires us to remain at this industry standard by submitting the MobiWIPE system to regular testing, ensuring it is approved by the experts at ADISA. The process for achieving this approval is stringent. It includes 6 phases of testing that ensure that the MobiWIPE platform is stable, compliant, risk-free and effective. ADISA works with one of the leading forensic experts in the world, Dr Andrew Blyth, to apply an unrivalled level of knowledge to their testing. This makes the product claims test a vital requirement for any product claiming to wipe data safely and effectively.

MobiCode have been approved by ADISA since 2011, and will continue to consider them to be amongst the highest standards available to data protection software.

For businesses who are looking for a mobile data erasure solution that demonstrates a commitment to high standards, MobiWIPE is the perfect choice. Only with ADISA approval can you know that you’re treating data with the care and respect it requires.

Speak to MobiCode today to learn more about how we can protect your customers data with effective data erasure.

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