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IMEI Blacklisting

The first Non-Operator trade mobile blacklist tool capable to add devices to the Global Blacklist Registry.

Previously only Networks are able to feed data onto the Blacklist, but supporting our crime and fraud prevention solutions, MobiCode are able to offer this service to multiple sectors including Law Enforcement, Insurance, Recycling and Distribution.

With our MobiCKECK® SHARE trade mobile blacklist tool technology, sharing data with relevant authorities across a wide range of sectors means we can reduce the cost of fraud to your business.

Our comprehensive live data matching is market-leading and saved our customers from significant losses in mobile device crime.

Supports Multiple Sectors

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Blacklist at point of claim, reducing the risk of the post claim fraud by the claimant.

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Law Enforcement

Blacklist devices at point of crime report, reducing the the risk of later insurance fraud.

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Blacklist stock stolen or lost in transit, reducing the window of opportunity for culprits to benefit.

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Blacklist stock stolen or lost from Hub or Retail operations, acting as a deterrent to potential thieves.

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Latest Case Studies

MobiCheck software being used to check a mobile device authenticity. Checkmend


MobiCHECK, our live blacklist service protects against purchasing devices that are Lost / Stolen or may have activation locks still active.

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MobiTest being used to test a device functions and authenticity. Checkmend


MobiTEST guides the user on a sequence of automated and interactive tests, quickly eliminating defective devices.

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MobiWipe being used to securely wipe and erase data on a mobile device. Checkmend


Securely erase customer data from used devices, with our certificated MobiWIPE tools, providing piece of mind to yourselves and your customers.

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Instant Protection and Prevention

Blacklisting devices delivers immediate protection to you and consumers and helps prevent mobile crime and fraud.

All Manufacturers

Supports all the mobile phone manufacturers globally

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All Devices

Supports all mobile devices with IMEI and MEID

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Reduces Crime

Helps to eliminate mobile device crime and fraud

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Adds Value

Helps add value to your market offerings with added protection

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