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Erase confidential company data from your devices

Securely Erase Confidential Data from your Company Devices

Considered the UK’s premier provider of secure recycling solutions for pre-owned technology, MobiCode have developed a comprehensive suite of tools for safe and secure IT Asset Disposal (ITAD).

As a verified Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier, MobiCode can provide businesses and government departments with certified ITAD services though G-cloud. The MobiCode range of services have been ADISA approved and are compliant to GDPR regulations, ensuring safe and secure data erasure.

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MobiWIPE® by MobiCode
Serving the NHS, police constabularies throughout the country and many other UK government departments, MobiWIPE® is MobiCode‘s data wipe software developed for the secure, certified erasure of data from mobile devices and hard-drives. Our mobile erasure tool is industry-renowned and used extensively by well-known high street retailers such as GAME and CeX. Each data wipe provides certification and is insured against by Hiscox insurance, protecting your department from data breach.

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MobiWIPE® Benefits

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Protecting Data

MobiWIPE® provides secure GDRP compliant, ADISA approved mobile phone data erasure. By ensuring devices are 100% erased, you can protect your business from unwanted data breaches and also give customers confidence in your processes.

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Electronic Certification

All wipe activity carried out using MobiWIPE® is stored in our extensive reporting dashboard, where you'll also be supplied with a PDF certificate detailing GDPR compliance. All wipe activity carried out using MobiWIPE® is fully insured by Hiscox insurance.

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De-Risk Buying Decisions

Our proven and extensive due-diligence services, built into MobiWIPE®, prevents costly purchasing errors by identifying FRP / iCloud / Accounts issues during the wiping process. With MobiWIPE® you can be sure any phone you're testing is not account locked.

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Compliance & Oversight

Our extensive MobiWIPE® reporting provides full visibility across all users and locations within your business. This will allow management to identify training issues and ensure consistency across all processes, maximising your workflow and saving your business money.

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MobiWIPE® Charges

There are many tariff options available to suit your needs. The more wipes you process the lower the cost per wipe.


Pay as you go

35p per wipe
No Contract

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Inc 3k wipes p/a 20p thereafter
12 month contract

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Multi-store high volume
12 month contract

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