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FREE Huawei Unlock Code Decryption Tool

FREE Huawei Unlock Code promotion image of Huawei mobile phone on purple background

FREE Huawei Unlock Code Decryption Tool…If you sell or trade second-hand Huawei mobiles and smartphones, you’re going to want to network unlock them.

Unlocked smartphones consistently sell faster and for money than network locked devices, and for good reason. Why would you want to restrict how your customers use the phones they’ve bought from you?

As the market for second-hand and refurbished smartphones has grown, so too has the need for network unlocking services.


Encrypted Huawei Network Unlock Codes


Unfortunately, it has been reported that many users are receiving encrypted network unlock codes back from Huawei when requesting unlocks through their suppliers. While Huawei do provide their own decryption service for these codes, the website is in Chinese and the process is not as easy and as straight forward as it should be.


Your FREE Huawei Unlock Code Decryption Tool from MobiCode


As part of our commitment to the recycled mobile phone industry, MobiCode have created our own FREE Huawei Unlock Code decryption tool for encrypted Huawei unlock codes. The service is completely free to use, whether you have an account with MobiCode or not.

Simply enter the encrypted Huawei unlock code you received into the input field, click the decrypt button, and you’ll receive a decrypted unlock code instantly. It’s as easy as that!


MobiCode provide Unlock Codes for all Major Networks


If you don’t already have an account with us, you may be interested to hear that MobiCode provide unlock codes for all the major mobile phone networks, and are the exclusive supplier of network unlocking services for Vodafone UK.

Through your MobiCode account you can use our bulk upload tool to request multiple unlock codes for different devices simultaneously, and fully audit your activity through our reporting dashboard.

MobiCode have been supporting the pre-owned mobile phone industry for over 8 years, and as well as our network unlocking service and our Huawei decryption tool, we have designed a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to support all activities of a phone recycling business.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact MobiCode today.

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