MobiCode are the UK’s premier provider of secure solutions for the pre-owned mobile phone market


MobiCode is an established and highly regarded provider of recycling management solutions for the pre-owned mobile phone industry. With our commitment to data security, fraud prevention and due-diligence, we provide the go-to solutions to CHECK, TEST and WIPE mobile devices.


MobiCHECK® is our instant due-dilligence device lookup tool that provides peace of mind that you are not purchasing lost or stolen devices.


MobiTEST is our industry-leading device testing tool that allows users to test devices quickly, whilst maintaining a high level of detailed analysis.


MobiWIPE® is our multi-device application that allows full GDPR compliance, ADISA approved data erasure from multiple handsets simultaneously.


MobiUNLOCK is our device unlocking service that supports all networks and can be done via code or cable connection.


The MobiCHECK SHARE® Network is our exclusive initiative to prevent mobile phone device theft and fraud in the industry. Sharing data instantly across a wide range of sectors means we can reduce the cost of fraud to your business.

Sharing independent data sets between Insurance Companies, Law Enforcement, Retailers, Recyclers, Operators and the GSMA, our comprehensive live data matching is market-leading and has protected and saved our customers millions of pounds.


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