MobiCode’s Role in Facilitating Secure Asset Disposal


ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) is a crucial process for businesses to manage the disposal of their unwanted IT assets, such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones. This process involves the secure erasure of personal data to prevent security breaches and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR.

MobiCode plays an integral role in this process through its suite of tools, particularly MobiWIPE®, which provides ADISA approved and secure GDPR-compliant Certificated data erasure. MobiCode’s software, recognised for its efficiency and compliance, assists businesses in responsibly disposing of IT assets while mitigating risks associated with data security during mobile recycling for reuse as well as for asset disposal.


MobiCode’s tools are designed to streamline and enhance the ITAD process, offering features like:

  1. Secure Data Erasure: MobiWIPE®, an ADISA-approved tool, ensures that all personal data is thoroughly and securely erased from mobile devices, making them safe for disposal or recycling.
  2. GDPR Compliance: By providing GDPR-compliant data erasure, MobiCode helps businesses adhere to strict data protection regulations, a critical aspect of the ITAD process.
  3. Efficient Handling: MobiCode’s solutions support simultaneous bulk data wiping across multiple devices, improving efficiency in the ITAD process.
  4. Integrated Blacklist Checking: This feature adds a layer of security, ensuring that the devices being recycled or resold do not have any blacklisted IMEIs.
  5. Comprehensive Mobile Testing and Erasure: Along with data wiping, MobiCode offers a range of IMEI services and mobile testing software, ensuring that devices are data-free and functionally sound.



MobiCode, which simplifies and secures mobile recycling, provides essential services that are invaluable in the ITAD process. The combination of secure data erasure, compliance with legal standards, and efficiency in handling makes MobiCode a trusted partner for businesses navigating the complexities of IT asset disposition.

For more information or tailored advice and a FREE trial, businesses can contact MobiCode at MobiCode is committed to helping companies to find the right solutions to meet their unique needs in the mobile device market.

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