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Say Goodbye to Hello with MobiWIPE®

Say Goodbye to Hell screens Using MobiWIPE to erase mobile phone data

Say Goodbye to Hello…Having a reliable and robust method of carrying out full mobile data erasure is an essential requirement for any business that handles second-hand mobile phones and smartphones. As we’ve covered before, a factory reset alone won’t prevent the possibility of valuable personal data being recovered from a used device, which opens up your business to the risk of data-breach and hefty fines under GDPR regulations.

Many professional mobile phone recyclers make use of certified erasure software like MobiWIPE which is ADISA approved and fully GDPR compliant. When you carry out data erasure with MobiWIPE®, you know you’re protected against data breach as all wipe activity is covered and insured by Hiscox insurance.


Luckily, MobiWIPE®, MobiCode‘s industry leading mobile data erasure tool has just got even better!


In the latest version of MobiWIPE®, we’ve said Goodbye to Hello, removing the need for lengthy navigation and set-up screens prior to device erasure. Now, with improved plug & play functionality, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously to MobiWIPE® and carry out device erasure in a fraction of the time it takes with our competitor’s software.

Don’t believe us? Check the video below to see just how quick MobiWIPE® is compared to manual set up.


With the improved version of MobiWIPE® you can process your mobile phone stock up to 80 seconds faster than with our competitor’s tools. What’s more, MobiWIPE® allows for multiple simultaneous connections, speeding up the process even further.

Bypass lengthy set-up processes and the ‘hello’ welcome screen and begin wiping mobile devices instantly with MobiWIPE®‘s plug & play functionality. MobiCode have just made used smartphone processing even easier and more efficient, saving your business valuable time.

When time is money, you need MobiWIPE®. Say Goodbye to Hello and get your used device stock ready for resale in record time.