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Amazon programme policy Changes for renewed devices

Amazon programme policy changes

As of January 2022, the Amazon programme policy has been updated as they have introduced new requirements for sellers of renewed or refurbished mobile phone devices. Sellers will be required to perform mandatory minimum diagnostics on devices as well as erase all data from them. They will also be required to produce records of these tests and data erasures in order to be complaint with their requirements.

This is part of their drive to ensure that all refurbished devices sold are of a minimum quality, and prevent data protection breaches. Amazon are following the lead of other major online sellers of refurbished devices such as Backmarket, and it is likely that others will follow suit in the future. As well as requiring that devices be tested and wiped, they must only contain OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, meaning no third-party replacements. They also require, where applicable, that devices have a battery capacity of over 80% of the original manufactured capacity.

Thankfully, our all-in-one software MobiOne can keep you up and in business and compliant with the new Amazon programme policy. MobiOne provides blacklist checking, rapid and comprehensive testing as well as ADISA accredited data erasure to ensure your online storefront can continue to operate as normal.

Included within the testing software, MobiOne can also provide you with information on whether any parts are OEM or third-party. We also provide battery health data (for iOS devices) along with alert flags to let you know if a phone’s battery health falls below the required standard. Our detection algorithms will also warn you if FMIP (Find MY iPhone) is present on the device, if there are any Android/Google accounts on a device, if any SIM cards or SD cards have been accidentally left in, or of any Samsung Knox warranty issues.

Written by Nick Rose

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